Prenatal Cradle PLUS

The Prenatal Cradle PLUS by It’s You Babe combines the effective lift and support of the Prenatal Cradle with the gentle vulvar compression of the V2 Supporter into one fantastic support garment for the mom-to-be.

Soft, flexible flannel backed elastic bands surround and support the entire tummy while gently lifting and supporting the baby off the pelvic cradle while a detachable and adjustable compression bridge offers relief from painful vulvar pressure, varicose veins, or the feeling that ‘everything is going to fall out the bottom.’


This breathable bridge velcros to the support band in front for easy release when going to the bathroom. Two adjustable straps on the back allow you to easily find a comfortable amount of compression. Slipping this on in the morning can provide tremendous relief throughout the day.

  • Effective orthotic support for the back and abdomen
  • Effective pelvic floor therapy
  • Relieves hip strain and vulvar pain
  • Gently improves posture while easing many discomforts felt during pregnancy
  • Lifts weight from the Pelvis improving circulation and reducing leg and ankle swelling
  • Soft, flexible and comfortable elastics lay flat against the skin so there is no bulk under clothing
  • Open abdominal design is cool and comfortable
  • V2 Bridge is soft and breathable and adjustable for maximum support
  • Wearing before rising in the morning helps prevent excessive swelling of the vulvar veins
  • V2 portion is removable if you prefer just the support of the cradle
  • Enthusiastically recommended by healthcare professionals

Symptoms Relieved
Back pain, Abdominal strain, Lordosis, Sciatica pain, Hip strain and Vulvar pain.
Symptoms of pubic symphysis, hip separation and vulvar varicosities, ‘feeling everything is going to fall out the bottom’.

Size Range
9 Sizes: Extra-petite to Extra-large, 2 tall sizes
Fits Pre-pregnancy Pant Size: US 0-28
Pregnancy Weight: 40-158 kg
Support Band Measurement: 81-147 cm


Fiber Content:
64% Polyester, 23% Spandex, 9% Cotton, 4% Nylon


  • Garment is designed to be worn under clothing
  • Easily slips on over your head like a T-Shirt
  • You should not feel ‘squeezed’ into the cradle portion of the garment. It is designed to gently lift and support without compression
  • Adjust support band of the cradle up and down for more or less support as needed.
  • Velcro the V2 portion to the front of the cradle where it feels comfortable.
  • Easily adjust for maximum comfort and support with the two hook and loop tabs on the back of the garment.
  • There is no need to remove entire garment for toileting. You can easily remove just the compression bridge portion from the front of the garment.
  • When you need to take the garment off simply slip the straps off your shoulders, pull over your tummy and carefully step out of the garment.
  • We always recommends you speak with your doctor when experiencing pain during pregnancy.

JINNI Compression Socks – Sport,Travel, Flight

Compression support socks and compression stockings are made from quality and advanced machine specific lycra with a proportion of microfibre with true gradient compression.

Therapeutic compression socks help minimise circulation and swelling. Ideal for sports, travel, flying or when standing or sitting for long periods. Faster removal of lactic acid build up, so you recover faster after a workout or from standing or sitting for long periods.

Please choose your colour, size and compressions carefully before purchase. To assist you select correct size, please refer to our sizing charts as provided or use WallCann chatline for sizing assistance.

Health and safety regulations prohibit returns of any Compression Stocking sealed package that has been opened. Refunds or exchanges can not be issued for unsealed packs following customer selection error.

We recommend that self measurement be completed first thing in the morning before active movement is undertaken. This will normally provide you with a more accurate reading, prior to any possible swelling resulting from your day’s activity.

Jinni Compression Socks are available in the following options.
Select from drop down options above.


  • 15-20mmHg (Class 1)
  • 20-30mmHg (Class 2)

Size Selection is from S (small) to XXL (extra, extra large).

Choice of stocking colours (Black or White), will depend on selections.

Please consult with your physician if you require more assistance on compression levels to suit your needs.

Are Compression Socks Effective for Athletes?

While compression socks and stockings can help people who suffer from many and various circulation issues, can compression socks help athletes go further, faster and push greater performances achieving their personal best?

In an article by Tim Huntley on the website, he looks at whether compression socks help athletes improve their performance and if their recovery from a high performance is better.

The article mentions improvements in some areas where others are not so prevalent. “Cycling Time Trial – A study of 14 trained athletes wearing compression garments during a recovery period created a statistically significant improvement in power output as well as timed performance during a 40-km time trial [1].”

Cycling compression socks

In another article by, the author says, “All compression isn’t the same. To sum up the whole category would be like riding on one tyre and judging them all by that standard. Using good compression wear will speed up recovery.”

Cycling compression socks 2

Kelly O’Mara writes in the webiste, “For decades, medical-grade graduated compression socks have been used to combat deep vein thrombosis, or the formation of blood clots. By increasing the circulation and blood flow, research has found the socks to be effective for bed-ridden and inactive patients.”

She goes on to say, “One study found that when 21 male runners did two step tests – one with compression socks and one without – they were able to go slightly longer wearing the compressions before exhaustion. There have also been some small increases seen in anaerobic threshold, particularly in cycling, and in jumping performance. The theory is that the tights prevent oscillation of the muscles sideways and promote muscle efficiency.”

runner compression socks


The conclusion?

You will just have to decide for yourself.

How can you avoid Australia’s impending energy crisis?

These might seem like unavoidable issues, but one can take steps to avoid most of these issues.

Considering that Australia appears to be heading into an energy crisis, what can you do to insulate yourself from the devastating effects of continuous blackouts, load shedding and general power failures?


A lot of people took advantage of the governments solar rebate schemes and now successfully generate their own power during day light hours. But what about at night when you are home and need the power? What if the power grid goes down and all that power you generated during the day is not accessible by you at night?

With battery technology improving all the time and prices of these batteries coming down, it won’t be long before most people are protected. In fact, it will probably only take a few years for prices to come down enough for most to be able to afford them. But a few years is not going to help you next week when the grid goes down, or next month when the load is too great and AEMO decide to load shed your area because too many generators are offline for maintenance or its not cost effective to turn them on.

And, what if you don’t have a solar system? What can you do to insulate yourself from all these blackouts and potential load shedding?

60300-openS 1

That’s where Wallcann comes in. We have developed a series of battery back up systems that can run essential electrical systems or all electrical systems in your home or business for less than you think. These battery backup systems can be charged by general power or by solar power that you generate yourself.

The Titan Energy Supply Pods are Australian made (from mostly imported components), portable, and rechargeable from mains, 12V DC or solar. You can run 12V DC or 240V AC power for appliances and tools. Run fridges and freezers, TV, audio amplifier, speakers, computers and other digital equipment. The fully integrated inverter 3 stage charger quickly recharges the long life dry cell battery when the power comes back on.

And they can be installed by any competent handyman. No special tools required, no special licenses required. It really is plug and play.

The power you generate and put into the grid is bought by the energy companies at a low rate. Then when you need that power later in the evening when the sun has gone down, you buy that very same power (and more) back from the power companies at a significantly increased price. It’s a high price to pay for storing your power. So, why not store it at home, yourself?

The only thing left to do is decide which devices are essential or if you want it all running and then call Wallcann to calculate your system requirements.

Wallcann 1300 799 455

All Titan ESP Systems are custom designed and made.

What Are Varicose Veins?

According to Wikipedia, “Varicose veins are veins that have become enlarged and twisted. The term commonly refers to the veins on the leg, although varicose veins can occur elsewhere.”


According to (links added),

“Compression stockings help relieve the symptoms of varicose veins. They improve circulation and are a mainstay of treatment for varicose veins that are causing symptoms. (Mild varicose veins that are not causing symptoms don’t need treatment.) Compression stockings are tightest at the foot. They gradually loosen as they fit higher on the leg.

Doctors often recommend that you wear the stockings during the day to help relieve symptoms.

  • For very mild symptoms, you may want to start out using regular support panty hose, knee-highs, or knee socks (which end just above the calf, below the knee). You may find that these help swelling and aching considerably. They are also less expensive than the special compression stockings a doctor prescribes, and they are available online.”

Jinni MD’s goals are to assist our clients with a compression garment solution for reducing the symptoms of varicose veins, lymphedema, swelling or just general sore and tired legs

At Jinni, our carefully selected team are compassionate professionals who are more than willing to go above and beyond to provide you with the best solution. Our customers extend across Australia from Chemists, GPs, Skin Clinic and you the end customer.

Please consult our measuring guide for instructions on correct measurement for correct fit.

JINNI MD Sitz Bath and its Uses

What is a SITZ Bath.

A Sitz Bath is also known as a hip bath. In a Sitz Bath, only the hips and buttocks are submerged in water or saline solutions.

The Sitz Bath is a plastic tub that fits over standard toilets so the patient can sit with only the hips, buttocks, pelvis, and lower abdomen receiving the benefits of the bath. A Sitz Bath is a common treatment for people that have had rectal surgery, hemorrhoid and ovaries pain, as well as bladder, prostrate and vagina infections.


Features of a Sitz Bath:

  • Easy to clean
  • Durable Polyethylene
  • Fits all standard toilets
  • No kink tubing assures even flow
  • Wide contoured edges ensure comfort in use
  • Solution bag may be hung above toilet or set on tank top
  • Convenient on/off Valve
  • Tubing anchored by latch to bottom of bowl to control direction of flow
  • Vent prevents accidental overflow


  1. The average length of time for a Sitz Bath is 10 to 20 minutes.
  2. There is the risk of feeling dizzy after sitting in a Sitz Bath, take caution when getting out and have someone help you if necessary.

Uses of a Sitz Bath:

  • Hemorrhoid Treatment
  • After childbirth particularly after episiotomy
  • Treating disorders of anal and genital areas, including the entire perineal area
  • Comfortable, convenient way to cleanse and promote healing of the perineum

Common Additives for different requirements:

A Sitz Bath is a bath of warm water that only covers the hips or buttocks. It is used for treating pain and itching. Typically, there are no special ingredients needed for a Sitz Bath other than water, but some practitioners recommended adding certain ingredients to the water.

  • Salt, such as Epsom salt, may be added to the water to reduce soreness and inflammation
  • Vinegar added to a Sitz Bath may provide relief for women with a vaginal yeast infection (Thrush)
  • Herbs such as Yarrow and Witch Hazel may be added to a Sitz Bath to reduce inflammation and relieve pain
  • Adding baking soda to a Sitz Bath may relieve constipation, inflammation and pain

The Sitz Bath: Post-Birth Healing and Comfort for New Moms

After a vaginal birth, a woman is likely to have sore vaginal tissues. This may be aggravated by a swollen perineum, “skid marks”, a tear, an episiotomy, and/or hemorrhoids. Using a Sitz Bath is one of the most helpful ways to assist in healing and ease pain.

With the Sitz Bath a gravity-fed tube runs water into the bowl and bubbles around the opening of the vagina.

Soaking in the Sitz Bath has multiple benefits. Warm water relaxes and soothes the sore tissues, keeps the area clean and prevents infection, and helps with circulation. Cool water may prevent or treat perineal swelling. Always check with you medical practitioner, as some practitioners caution the use of cool water on a newly postpartum woman.

To benefit the most, you may begin using the Sitz Bath 24 hours after birth, when you can be up and about more comfortably. Sit on the bath for 10-20 minutes, 1-3 times a day or as needed, until the soreness is relieved. Most practitioners commonly recommend use of the Sitz Bath for at least one week after birth.

Although water itself is healing, making an herbal tea to put into the Sitz Bath may help the vaginal tissues to heal faster.

Here are a few recipes that you can try – the water should be on the hotter side, but not uncomfortable.

  1. Natural Antiseptic  –  2oz of these mixed herbs:
    Rosemary, Sage and Garlic
    plus (optional)
    2 TBSP sea salt.
  2. Soothing and nourishing – 2oz of these mixed herbs:
    Yarrow, Calendula, Lavender and Rose petals
    plus (optional)
    2 TBSP sea salt
  3. An old remedy for a soak is to mix equal parts Uva Ursi, Shepherd’s purse and Calendula (available from a herb supplier) in a large jug.
    Fill the jug with boiling water, seal it and let it stand for 8 hours at room temperature. Strain the herbs from the liquid and add the tea to the bath water.
  4. Add 2 handfuls each of Yarrow flowers, Calendula flowers, Rosemary leaves, and Comfrey root to 2 pints of just boiled water.
    Cover, steep for 10-15 minutes, and strain. This herbal solution will soothe tenderness, relieve inflammation, improve circulation, protect against bacteria, and aid cell repair. Any leftover solution can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days

Hemorrhoid Treatment

The Sitz Bath is an effective treatment for Hemorrhoids.

This is one of the most popular and effective treatments for mild to moderate cases of hemorrhoids and is being increasingly used by many.
It is often the first form of treatment doctors will recommend.

The Sitz Bath is a small tub that is made especially for this purpose.
Fill the Sitz Bath with warm water as well as salt or baking soda. Once dissolved, then you are to soak the anal area for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Some people also like to add essential oils to the water, to further help reduce the swelling and provide more comfort. Juniper or lavender tends to work well for this purpose.
This is going to allow the mixture to thoroughly clean the infected and swollen area, help to cure the hemorrhoids and prevent further infection.

The Sitz Bath is also going to provide instant comfort and relief from irritating and painful symptoms that are caused by the condition. Since those suffering from hemorrhoids typically do experience a great deal of pain, this is a huge benefit that this treatment has to offer.

Using a sitz bath is very cost effective in comparison to other treatments.
Make sure you are eating a healthy and well balanced diet to provide the fibre intake that you need and helping to keep your bowels regular. Those who have diets that are very unbalanced and are composed of mostly highly processed foods are typically going to be a much higher risk of haemorrhoids, therefore taking steps to get yourself eating well should be a priority as well.

If the condition keeps on persisting despite you using Sitz Bath treatments, then you may want to look into contacting your doctor and looking into more advanced medical treatments.
Some people do develop the condition so bad that actual medical treatments are necessary, so you need to know the difference of when you are recovering and when the situation is staying the same or potentially even getting worse. In most cases though a Sitz Bath will do the job nicely and you won’t have any other problems related to this particular outbreak of the condition.

Hemorrhoid also spelt Haemorrhoid.

6 LED Light solar with motion sensor

Tri Lynx Lites 6 LED Light with Motion Sensor and Dawn / Dusk Sensor.

Solar powered safety light anywhere you need it.

Harness the power of the sun with the 6 LED Solar Powered TriLynx Lite, an eco-friendly, energy efficient alternative to conventional outdoor lighting.
Using motion detection from 6-9 feet (2.5-3 meters), and a sensor time of 25 to 30 seconds, a mono-crystal solar panel powers three pairs of LED lights, adding bright light where you need it.


In addition to detecting movement, the 6 LED Solar Powered TriLynx Lite’s advanced Dusk / Dawn technology reacts to daylight, making it an energy efficient way to brighten dark exteriors. It mounts easily with supplied screws, or velcro-like hook and loop fasteners. With dimensions of approximately 5″ x 3″ x 2″, the light is perfect for multiple lighting applications in RVs, campers, homes, utility trailers, storage sheds, walkways, or ANYWHERE you need bright light.

The Solar TriLynx Lite comes with a 12 month warranty.
Thanks to its durable-yet stylish exterior, the 6 LED solar Powered TriLynx Lite is remarkably suited to inclement weather in all terrains.

Ideal for:

  • Exterior Applications
  • Entrances
  • Walkways
  • Porches
  • Pool Areas
  • Gates
  • Sheds
  • Doorwars
  • Stairs and More

12 LED Light magnetic with motion sensor white

Tri Lynx Lites 12 LED Light with Motion and Dusk/Dawn Sensor.

Add light anywhere you need it.

This WHITE 12 LED TriLynx Lite with Motion Sensor system is the perfect way to illuminate dimly lit interior or weather-protected exterior spaces. The versatile 12 LED TriLynx Lite has an advanced Dawn / Dusk Sensor that detects existing light, motion sensors that have a range of 6 to 9 feet (2.5-3 meters), along with an illumination time of 25 to 30 seconds for power efficiency.


The 12 LED Light system is compact, versatile, and easy to use.
Twelve bright and powerful LED bulbs provide 90-100 degrees of hands-free illumination. Like all TriLynx products, installation is easy: Four strong magnets attach the light directly to metal surfaces, while its signature Slide N” Lock plate and mounting bracket secures the light on most other surfaces and when in motion.

At approximately 4″ x 3″ x 1″, the 12 Light LED Light with Motion Sensor is compact and versatile, and comes with three AA Alkaline batteries and a 12 month warranty.

Ideal for:

  • Interior or Exterior applications
  • Dark Areas
  • Storage Compartments
  • Closets
  • Doorways
  • Walkways
  • Stairs

Mini Cradle

It’s You Babe Mini Cradle. For Back and Abdominal support during your pregnancy. Adjustable Maternity Support.

MINI CRADLE adjustable maternity support

Perfect Support for Every Pregnacy

The Mini Cradle is the perfect maternity support garment for every mum-to-be. The gentle lift and support provided by the Mini Cradle enhances circulation and relieves minor aches and pains often felt during pregnancy. The soft, flannel backed elastic resists curling and rolling. There are 3 sets of hook and eye closures to provide a perfect fit that will not snag clothing and allows the product to remain smooth and flexible against the skin at the point of closure.


So effective and comfortable you’ll forget you have it on!

  • Gentle lift and support eases many back and abdominal discomforts often felt during pregnancy
  • Promotes increased circulation from the leg and feet
  • Lifts weight from the Pelvis improving circulation and reducing leg and ankle swelling
  • Hook and Eye closures offer a soft, flexible and secure fit that lays flat and comfortable against the skin so there is not bulk under clothing
    (Won’t snag expensive lingerie like “sticky type” closures).
  • Perfect support for every pregnancy
  • Enthusiastically Recommended by Healthcare Professionals

Symptoms Relieved:
Back pain, Abdominal and Hip strain, Umbilical hernia.
Can be positioned higher or lower on adbomen for maximum support or placed to support umbilical hernia.

Size Range:
4 sizes – Petite, Small, Medium, Large
Pregnancy Weight: METRIC 40-123kg, US 90-270lbs
Support Band Measurements: 64-142cm, 25-56inches


Fiber Content:
64% Polyester, 23% Spandex, 9% Cotton, 4% Nylon

Garment is designed to be worn under clothing. Wrap the cradle around and below your abdomen and secure into place with the hook and eye closures for comfortable fit. You should not feel ‘squeezed’ into the garment. It is designed to gently lift and support without compression. Adjust garment support band up and down for more or less support as needed. No need to remove for toileting. We always recommends you speak with your doctor when experiencing pain during pregnancy.

300W Modified Sine Wave Inverter 12V VP

Power your portable devices whilst on the move. This 300W Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter allows you to run and charge a variety of devices from your vehicle’s 12V DC (24V option available) source. Charge your phone, digital camera, laptop, electric shaver, portable dvd player, and gaming devices from your car’s cigarette lighter adapter. Power inverters are easy to use, and come with everything you need to get started.

This quiet running power inverter allows you to run a variety of standard household appliances from your 12V (24V option available) DC connection in your car, boat, truck, or caravan. It can also be used stand alone with a 12V battery (24V if using 24V inverter).

Our power inverters are engineered to meet strict operating guide lines. We understand that for a product to survive in Australia it has to be made with Australians in mind. If however your power inverter ceases to do it’s job, we offer a 3 month limited warranty.

Power inverters have an inbuilt safety system designed to protect you and your vehicle. If any of the following conditions are met, the power source is cut off:

  • Inverter exceeds 65°C
  • Voltage not in the range of 10V-15V
  • Appliance draw exceeds 2.17 amps
  • Not suitable for lithium ion fast chargers

Power inverters carry the required C-Tick labelling to indicate compliance with Australian regulations.

Before using Modified Sine Wave Inverters, always check with the manufacturer of the appliance you want to run. Modified Sine Wave Inverters can operate with most household appliances, but some appliances require to run on a pure sine current, or a current that very closely matches mains power cycles. Avoid damaging the appliance and the Inverter by checking appliance manufacturers specifications. Modified sine wave inverters are cheaper to manufacture than Pure Sine Wave inverters, as they have more basic and fewer electronic components. 8Zed warranty will not cover damage by misuse or plugging in unsuitable appliances.