Are Compression Socks Effective for Athletes?

While compression socks and stockings can help people who suffer from many and various circulation issues, can compression socks help athletes go further, faster and push greater performances achieving their personal best?

In an article by Tim Huntley on the website, he looks at whether compression socks help athletes improve their performance and if their recovery from a high performance is better.

The article mentions improvements in some areas where others are not so prevalent. “Cycling Time Trial – A study of 14 trained athletes wearing compression garments during a recovery period created a statistically significant improvement in power output as well as timed performance during a 40-km time trial [1].”

Cycling compression socks

In another article by, the author says, “All compression isn’t the same. To sum up the whole category would be like riding on one tyre and judging them all by that standard. Using good compression wear will speed up recovery.”

Cycling compression socks 2

Kelly O’Mara writes in the webiste, “For decades, medical-grade graduated compression socks have been used to combat deep vein thrombosis, or the formation of blood clots. By increasing the circulation and blood flow, research has found the socks to be effective for bed-ridden and inactive patients.”

She goes on to say, “One study found that when 21 male runners did two step tests – one with compression socks and one without – they were able to go slightly longer wearing the compressions before exhaustion. There have also been some small increases seen in anaerobic threshold, particularly in cycling, and in jumping performance. The theory is that the tights prevent oscillation of the muscles sideways and promote muscle efficiency.”

runner compression socks


The conclusion?

You will just have to decide for yourself.


How can you avoid Australia’s impending energy crisis?

These might seem like unavoidable issues, but one can take steps to avoid most of these issues.

Considering that Australia appears to be heading into an energy crisis, what can you do to insulate yourself from the devastating effects of continuous blackouts, load shedding and general power failures?


A lot of people took advantage of the governments solar rebate schemes and now successfully generate their own power during day light hours. But what about at night when you are home and need the power? What if the power grid goes down and all that power you generated during the day is not accessible by you at night?

With battery technology improving all the time and prices of these batteries coming down, it won’t be long before most people are protected. In fact, it will probably only take a few years for prices to come down enough for most to be able to afford them. But a few years is not going to help you next week when the grid goes down, or next month when the load is too great and AEMO decide to load shed your area because too many generators are offline for maintenance or its not cost effective to turn them on.

And, what if you don’t have a solar system? What can you do to insulate yourself from all these blackouts and potential load shedding?

60300-openS 1

That’s where Wallcann comes in. We have developed a series of battery back up systems that can run essential electrical systems or all electrical systems in your home or business for less than you think. These battery backup systems can be charged by general power or by solar power that you generate yourself.

The Titan Energy Supply Pods are Australian made (from mostly imported components), portable, and rechargeable from mains, 12V DC or solar. You can run 12V DC or 240V AC power for appliances and tools. Run fridges and freezers, TV, audio amplifier, speakers, computers and other digital equipment. The fully integrated inverter 3 stage charger quickly recharges the long life dry cell battery when the power comes back on.

And they can be installed by any competent handyman. No special tools required, no special licenses required. It really is plug and play.

The power you generate and put into the grid is bought by the energy companies at a low rate. Then when you need that power later in the evening when the sun has gone down, you buy that very same power (and more) back from the power companies at a significantly increased price. It’s a high price to pay for storing your power. So, why not store it at home, yourself?

The only thing left to do is decide which devices are essential or if you want it all running and then call Wallcann to calculate your system requirements.

Wallcann 1300 799 455

All Titan ESP Systems are custom designed and made.