Power Protection with 8ZED Pure Sine Wave UPS Charger Power Inverters

Keeping your electronic toys safe from power spikes could save your hip pocket.

Fast disappearing are the days where you’re using kerosene storm lanterns to cook by a gas stove or a hot plate over an open fire. Technology has launched us into a land of comfort where everything runs off power. The problem is most hightech gadgets these days are power sensitive, meaning if you get spikes in your power, there’s a good chance it could damage your gear. This is where you need some smart protection to look after your electronic toys. The 8ZED Pure Sine Wave UPS Charger Power Inverter is just that – a continuous pure sine wave power inverter with an on-board UPS charger, making it the perfect addition to every camper trailer set-up.

One of the key features of the 8ZED Pure Sine Wave UPS Charger Power Inverter is the Uninterrupted Power Supply.
This means you don’t have to worry about disconnecting the inverter from the battery, or unplugging your doodad when you change charging devices on the batteries for fear of power spikes. The UPS looks after this for you and automatically switches between drawing power from the batteries to the mains and vice versa, keeping your electronic toys safe giving you peace of mind.

The 8ZED has a built-in charger too – so you save space because you don’t have to lug around a separate battery charger to charge your auxiliary batteries from 240V. You simply plug the 8ZED into the mains via the supplied power cord and the on-board circuits instantly switch the power source from your batteries to the mains power supply. The builtin charger then charges your auxiliary batteries at up to 15A.


For these reasons the 8ZED Pure Sine Wave Inverter are proving to be a popular addition to many camper trailers.

If you’re pretty light on the power requirements and only need to charge phones, laptops, tablets or running a fan to keep the heat at bay, the 1000W version will do you fine. If game consoles, TVs and DVDs for the kids are more your speed, you’ll need to go for the bigger 2000W version. Both come jam-packed with safety features, a low-volt warning at 10.5V and a voltage cut-out at 9.5V. There is also a high voltage shutdown at 15.5V preventing circuit damage caused by overcharging. And for those times where you forget the red terminal is positive – the units have reverse polarity protection. Both are C-Tick approved and come with a one-year warranty.


How to put on compression stockings

How to put on your compression stockings – pantyhose.

  1. Turn your socks or stocking inside out, except for the foot portion
  2. Take the stocking, folded over itself, with both hands then slip your foot inside leading up the heel
  3. Pull the stocking gradually back up the leg towards the knee or thigh ensuring to smooth out any wrinkles with the palms of your hands or with the use of gloves (optional)
  4. Follow the same procedure for the other leg
  5. Please follow the same procedure above for application of a pantyhose stocking
  6. Once you have pulled both leg parts up to just below the knee, turn the remaining stocking parts back and ease them gradually up towards the crotch assuring to smooth out any further wrinkles
  7. Only now should you pull the body part of the pantyhose up towards the waist.
    Please make sure you are not overstretching the leg length of the pantyhose at this point.

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